Academy Owner

Lauren Wireman

Lauren entered the Beauty Industry in 2001.  After a hard-fought battle with drug addiction and through Divine Intervention, she found her passion - teaching nails!  She began competing in nail competitions in hopes to start a school and won in both Nails NTNA competition, and Oxygen’s “Nail’d It”.  In 2012 she began a company called Wildflowers Nail Academy to bring innovative education to nail technicians across the world.  Since then, her trendsetting work has been in high demand as an editorial artist, educator, and cover tech. Lauren is now one of the most sought-after nail educators and product developers in the nail industry.  Lauren is an international competition judge and a member of the International Nail Judges Association.

What You Get

Every artist starts somewhere, they don’t just wake up one day with incredible skills. They have to fight and struggle to pull together the right education, the right products, and stay inspired. All without losing grip on the hope that they will to grow into the amazing artist that they dream of becoming.

Our classes are well structured, organized, and super fun.  We aim to please both the ADHD learner as well as the super-focused.  Whether you're a new student nail tech, or a seasoned veteran, there's always something to learn in a Wildflowers Class.

  • Online Classes

    Our classes are taught by experienced, professional nail artists and created with the express purpose of helping you gain practical skills that will help you better care for your clients, boost your revenue, and grow as an artist. These classes are organized into study units consisting of real-time demonstrations, detailed instructions, and practical examples.

  • In-Person Classes

    If you’ve been to one of our workshops before - you KNOW what’s up!   Get ready to get messy - with Wildflowers, we bring the art studio to YOU!  Our classes are hands-on and you'll leave with your head so packed full of inspiration and knowledge that you should probably uber home.

  • Product How-To Videos

    Our goal is for every product to have its own instructional video. We are not out there just to sell you something that you’ll throw in the back of a drawer and discover a year later. We want you to know how to fully use the products so that you are able to make the most of your hard earned money possible using these products.